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Welcome to the Era of ‘Ugly’ Inflation

by Charles Hugh Smith
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

A year ago, in the wake of the then-announced additional monetary easing measures by the Federal Reserve (which since sent stock prices on a rocket ride for the next nine months), many of our readers feared a major decline in the dollar was imminent. To add some balance to our site content, we asked Peak Prosperity contributing editor Charles Hugh Smith to argue the case for a strengthening dollar. He graciously accepted, and in the year since writing Heresy and the US Dollar, America’s currency did indeed strengthen notably vs. its fiat counterparts. Now, after the Fed’s announcement of QE3 (plus), many of us are girding once again for dollar weakness. So we’ve invited Charles to once again play devil’s advocate.

The Siren Song of ‘Beautiful Deleveraging’

In a world of rising sovereign debts and an overleveraged, over-indebted private sector, history suggests there are only three possible ways out: gradual deleveraging, defaulting on the debt, or printing enough money to inflate away the debt.

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