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Triple Lutz Report #210 – FSN Heads to Florida & Person of Interest: Life Imitating Art

from FinancialSurvivalNet

It’s official, the Financial Survival Network is moving to the Sunshine State. Something about no state income tax, lower property taxes, better weather and less stress than New York, just made it a no-brainer. So programming will be a bit erratic for a few days till we get settled in. Next, we discuss the hit tv series Person of Interest. This show is the best rendition of the surveillance state in action and how you’re never really alone. They’re watching your webcam, your email, your texting and all of your other data streams. The writing is top notch and so is the acting. Great cast and it’s never boring.

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3 comments to Triple Lutz Report #210 – FSN Heads to Florida & Person of Interest: Life Imitating Art

  • acondos

    Best of luck in Florida Kerry ! You’re going to love it. No more Nanny Bloomberg! Hopefully we’ll see you again at next year’s Hard Assets Conference in NY.

  • Michael

    Good Luck in Florida. Looking to do the same to the Sarasota area. Just curious, why east coast vs. West coast of Florida? Thanks!

  • Mark

    I grew up in Florida. Great weather and lower cost of living. You just raised your standard of living by moving from the Northeast Nannies to the South. Good Lick and Godspeed……Thanks for the great interviews and information. I am a client of Miles Franklin and just got some food from PrepareWise.