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THE PRAGMATIST: Is Santos Starting to See the Wisdom of Uribe’s Free-Market Strategies?

from The Daily Bell

Addressing the country-specific risks will help (FARC, permitting delays, pipeline constraints) but the tide that would lift all boats requires the risk on trade to come back … Investors should not sit on their hands waiting for the tide to come in … So how should [they] approach investing in Colombian juniors? The approach is not any different from domestic E&P juniors. “Remember it’s always about the people. When looking at companies to invest in, who are the people involved—and projects—how quickly can they take it to production.” – Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin (9/4/12)

Dominant Social Theme: Alvaro Uribe’s pro-business administration is yesterday’s news.

Free-Market Analysis: Our ongoing analysis of Colombia’s sociopolitical and industrial renaissance under former president Alvaro Uribe continues with this article noting that Colombia is likely a prime target for oil and gas exploration.

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