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Silver Gives You More – at Least Potentially

Silver analyst Ted Butler remains convinced that silver’s multiplier effect will continue to make it one of the best investment assets as it has been overall for the past 10 years – manipulation or no.

by Lawrence Williams
Mine Web

LONDON (Mineweb) – One thing about writing for a site like Mineweb Is that it gives you the opportunity to review all kinds of commentaries and analyses on various aspects of the industry, some of which are well worth the read, although others are remarkably uninformed and/or have the tendency to be over promotional for the writer’s own business, or investment ideas.

On silver, Ted Butler’s views are always of interest, particularly his take on the shenanigans of the market place in terms of the huge short positions held by some major banks and traders. His conclusions regarding what he, and a number of others, see as subsequent price manipulation with trading volumes many, many times higher than the amount of silver actually available – a pattern also prevalent in the gold market – leads to the viewpoint that these markets are indeed rigged, but that ultimately market forces will prevail regardless.

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