Ron Paul, Middle East, Fed Money Printing — Special Labor Day Update

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

A lot going on this weekend, so I am giving a special Labor Day update. Looks like things continue to heart up in the Middle East. Israel is asking the world to set a “clear red line” for Iran’s nuclear program. Tensions between the U.S. and Israel have reportedly been rising over the timing of a possible attack to stop Iran. It looks like the Russians are not pulling out of Syria as previously reported. Fed Head Ben Bernanke spoke Friday and said there’s not much harm to all the money printing (trillions of dollars to bailout the banks). So, he is ready and willing to do some more. The GOP has some new rules that some say will stifle changes in the party coming from people like Ron Paul. Paul is going to make a big announcement this week on the Tonight Show. I’m betting it is a third party run for President. Greg Hunter gives his analysis on these stories and more in this special Labor Day update.

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  1. Jim Carcie says:

    Ron Paul claims he was ignored by the media in the Republican nominating process, that he was ignored in the Republican debates by the respective questioning panels.

    Now he may make a big announcement and possibily run on a third party ticket.

    A mistake — on the par of deciding to light a cigar on the Hinderburg. Paul was not so much ignored as laughed at. His repeated comments that American was responsible for the 9/11 terrorists got, for the most part, not ridicule but embarassing grins — though on one occasion, loud boos. As well his statement that Iran was ‘not a threat’ to anyone despite Iran’s developing a nuclear program and repeated threats to annihilate Israel.

    His only claim for consideration comes from his firm fiscal conservative policies which do little in making up for his domestic and foreign policy gaffes.

    In addtion we have the spectacle of a man who joined the Republican party, reaped the benefits of that position, given the opportunity to expound his ideas (as much as he was able)in a national debate — and then who refused to endorse the nominee of that party. Nevermine that his son Rand, also a Republican, honored his oblications, endorsed Mitt Romney and was given a choice speaking slot at the RNC — stepping up to the plate and devlivering a great speech. Essentially he drank Republican wine, ate Republican bread, slept in a Republican bed — then left like a deadbeat without paying the tab.

    Ron Paul thinks he has been ignored? He should thank the heavens that has been the case and retire quietly into obscurity.