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Rest of World Begins to Catch Up to Daily Bell?

from The Daily Bell

Douglas Carswell: Bad news for the big state … The West’s political and social model is in crisis – but emerging internet technology will make it possible to survive without big government … “Until August 1914,” wrote the historian AJP Taylor, an “Englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state. [Government] left the adult citizen alone.” How different it is today. From the moment he gets out of bed in the morning, an Englishman’s life is overseen by officialdom. As he switches on a bedside light, the energy comes from a market supervised by the state. As he dresses, he does so in clothes imported according to official trade quotas. Government subsidises the sugar and corn in his cereal bowl. Walking out the front door, there’s a good chance he steps out of a house designed to conform to state specifications. Heading off to work, there is a one-in-five chance he is off to work for government. Out of his income, by far the largest bill he must pay is not the mortgage, nor the cost of food or clothes. Rather it is the bill he must pay for government. For every £100 he earns that day, £46 will end up going to pay for officialdom. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The government is here to take care of YOU.

Free-Market Analysis: Is the world finally beginning to catch up to The Daily Bell? And who is Douglas Carswell, the author of this article?

He has a book coming out entitled, The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy, to be published October 1. A bit of research turns up the following about Douglas:

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