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Peter Grandich – QE3: The Straw That Broke The Fed’s Back, And Now The Race To Debase Is On

from FinancialSurvivalNet

QE3 is spurring a huge rush into the stock market to help insure Wall Street’s bonuses. Europe, Japan and China are joining in the fun. Infinite QE guarantees increased gold prices. Miners are also benefitting from these ceaselessirresponsible monetary moves. Increased stock market prices and perhaps even new highs in the indexes are virtually assured. Escalator Ben has dumped tons of money on the casino floor, which will result in yet more market gambling. QE1 and QE2 failed, does he really believe that QE3 can succeed? This is simply doubling down on failure, and sacrificing the world financial system in the process.

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2 comments to Peter Grandich – QE3: The Straw That Broke The Fed’s Back, And Now The Race To Debase Is On

  • Tom G.

    Grandich is a Christian gentleman in every sense of the word. Jeffrey Christian- yes I saw the BNN interview– many think Christian is a shill for govtJPM. It really is hard not to think so.

    I like the diversity of your guests Kerry. Keep up the good work. Sorry I was kind of hard on you the other day.

  • The Woz

    I like what Grandich said about Bob Prector. He has been an honest guy. The one thing that no one points out regarding Bob and Harry Dent is that they would be 100% correct on gold and deflation IF and a huge IF…

    IF the Fed, banking interests and corruption were not in the system. IF we had an honest and natural free market there would be debt destruction and deflation. The US dollar would strengthen and they would be correct.

    I wish these guys could let go of their ego and ACCEPT that helicopter Ben will print forever. They should come public about it so that their followers could protect themselves.

    I followed Dent for years and he has great analysis but I unsubscribed in Aug 2010 when he bashed my comments on Gold and the QE2 announcement. The deflationist theory is wrong when you have manipulated markets.