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John Rubino – Welcome To The Third World

from FinancialSurvivalNet

John Rubino of started writing a series about how America is becoming a Third World Nation. He’s up to 9 parts with no end in site. And the material keeps almost writes itself. PHD’s can’t get jobs, public services like police, fire and sanitation are being rolled back all around the country. Business owners who worked hard and established profitable businesses with the intent to one day sell out and retire now face the prospect of working until their dying day. A quiet depression is taking place and almost everyone is feeling it. And there’s no end in site, so keep buying gold and silver and get ready for a long hard slog.

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1 comment to John Rubino – Welcome To The Third World

  • sculptor

    John Rubino is a Good guy, a truth teller, sensible, not an over-the-top doomer. His site is where my reading for the day begins, from there you get to Mish, Denninger, Automatic earth, zero hedge, king world news, Casey, RT etc etc and lots of alternative views that fill in the real story of what going on…not just the Fed/Treasury/wall street fox newspeak about “how everythings just fine and slowly improving”

    The Rubino news feed helps you navigate this world and HELPED SAVE THIS BOY’S ECONOMIC ASS….no kidding. The info gleaned there got me out of stocks before the big tank and into gold and silver before the huge runnup. John ain’t perfect, nor are his sources infallible, but you will be better informed reading daily what he puts forth.

    Thanks for all the work John.

    A Grateful father of 7