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In Stamps We Trust: Paving the Road to Prosperity with Food Stamps

by Eric Fry
Daily Reckoning

09/24/12 Rancho Santana, Nicaragua – Here at Rancho Santana, the first impression that strikes most folks is the raw beauty of the place. This little jewel on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is a paradise that continuously delights all five senses.

But you cannot reach this paradise without passing through Managua, where the first impression that strikes most folks is not the raw beauty of the place. Raw poverty is more likely to be the first impression…or at least one of the first impressions.

In short, Nicaragua is a beautiful country with lots of poor people. The United States is also a beautiful country…and it also has lots of poor people. But the similarities end there. Contrasts are much easier to come by.

While playing around with some numbers on the back of a Rancho Santana cocktail napkin, we stumbled upon some shocking contrasts between Nicaragua and the US — shocking to us, at least.

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