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G. Edward Griffin on Quick Fixes, the Looming Great War and Loss of Elite Moral Authority

from The Daily Bell

The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with G. Edward Griffin (left).

Introduction: G. Edward Griffin is a film producer, author and political lecturer. He is the founder of Freedom Force International, a libertarian-oriented activist network focused on advancing individual freedom. First released in 1994, Mr. Griffin’s best-selling financial book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, is a no-holds-barred look into the inner workings of the Federal Reserve banking system, or cartel if you will. Mr. Griffin’s literary contributions are especially noteworthy given the validity of his vision and the exciting and troublesome nature of the times in which we live.

Daily Bell: Let’s jump right in. Are we seeing significant price inflation now?

G. Edward Griffin: It depends on how you define significant, I suppose. I think it’s significant. My personal feeling is the price index is greatly distorted. They keep fiddling with the formula to make it look as good as possible but real inflation, at least here in the States, in terms of the major components of what people buy to live day to day, such as groceries, gasoline and clothing, my feeling is that inflation is already at the double digits. I think it’s ten percent if not more. That I think is significant but then again it’s nothing compared to what I think we are going to see.

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