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Chris Duane – The New SilverShield Coin

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Chris Duane personally designed a new coin that depicts the current corrupt monetary system on one side, with the coming honest money system on the other. So far he’s sold over 15,000 of them in just a week! Who would have thought such a thing could happen? And what perfect timing. Silver’s been going up for weeks and Bernanke finally announces the long awaited start of QE3. This is only the beginning. Even the naysayers agree that gold and silver are in a major up cycle. CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian has once again been proven a less than reliable barometer of precious metals prices. The veil is coming off the elites and it’s not a pretty site.

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4 comments to Chris Duane – The New SilverShield Coin

  • Tom G.

    Um, please leave the theologizing to people who know something about it. There is nowhere in Scripture that says God helps only those who help themselves. That is a common misconception of Catholics. God sent Jesus to die for our sins precisely because we can’t help ourselves. You are right that at this particular moment in history Jesus in not here to help us physically. But He promised to come back and set up His physical/Davidic kingdom which looks to be not too far off in the future. Jesus’ kingdom is spiritual- those that have embraced His sacrifice are part of His spiritual kingdom which is why Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world. But– when Jesus returns he will indeed set up His physical kingdom and He will rule as KIng because He paid the price to redeem this planet and those that have embraced him.
    Kerry- a couple of weeks ago you said in an interview that you believe in a higher power. How convenient. I call this the cover-all-the-bases ploy. If God exists then you can claim you believed in Him. If God doesn’t exist, then you can live you life without any accountability to God which is precisely what you are doing. You are fooling yourself. If you don’t want to follow the true God– the God of the Bible who has revealed Himself first through the Jews, and then through His Son Jesus Christ– then have the balls to admit it. But trying to cover all the bases with this I-believe-in-a-higher-power crap is just garbage. Really, you believe in a higher power? Did he, she, or it reveal itself to you? How? Jesus is The Revelation of the Living God who created heaven and earth. Jesus was resurrected from the dead so we know by this that He was who He said He was. Jesus is Lord, God, and Christ. As the apostle Thomas proclaimed after His resurrection- “My Lord and my God.” He went from a doubter to a believer, and I hope you will too.

    Thanks for all your hard work Kerry.
    I enjoy your interviews– Tom G.

  • Tom G.

    Quick Follow up– You are both right that one should prepare for physical necessities. No argument there. I’ve already done that, and you’re right, even Christians are not somehow exempt from the collapse to come. I guess I would just distinguish between spiritual preparation, which we all will need, and physical preparation. Both are indispensable. I was glad that you didn’t try to deter Christians from their worldview. We- at least most Christians- believe Christianity because it’s true, not because it’s some kind of crutch. There are a lot of misconceptions about Christians out there and I am just trying to give us a fair shake. You are probably right that some Christians think that doing nothing will solve all their problems. But they are probably in the minority.
    Some of us have more than a little bit of formal education. Moreover, we have thought this stuff through, looked at the evidence and been convinced of its veracity. Ergo, we believe in the Christian worldview because it is true and for no other reason. We also see the collapse coming and see where this is all headed.

    I will predict that this is going to take 2-5 years to collapse. I think everyone in our camp underestimates how long this paper scheme can keep going. We’ll see.

    Thanks again Kerry- I like your interviewing style.

    • >> I will predict that this is going to take 2-5 years
      >> to collapse. I think everyone in our camp underestimates
      >> how long this paper scheme can keep going. We’ll see.

      I agree. 2015-2018.

      But I said they wouldn’t announce QE3 before the election, so what do I know?

  • Tom G.

    @Stefan B I, like you, didn’t think they would do QE3 until the market shed 1500 Dow points, that way they would have something in their pocket in case of market crash. So I was wrong about that too.

    I don’t think silver is going to the moon anytime soon like so many in our camp. Stephen silver-is-going-to-a-1000-by-tomorrow-afternoon Leeb comes to mind. Silver should have been up 4 bucks on thurs if JPM shorts were really in trouble. There was absolutely no follow through today. I hope we can get to 37-40 by Christmas and then hope the pullback isn’t too great. But Turk’s 60-70 after we break 35 or so is way off in my opinion.

    Have a nice weekend Kerry, Chris, and Stefan B and everyone else.