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Bernanke Lied – Gold is Money, Not Tradition at BIS

from Wealth Cycles

Gold is money today. Many still believe the big lie that gold is not money. They think of gold in terms of eventually converting it back into fiat paper rectangle units to be exchanged for goods or services. Well educated, middle-class people believe that gold is not used in banking or as money today.

Much of this misperception is due to the misinformation disseminated by mainstream media and the educational system. We hear that gold does not earn a revenue stream. This, too is incorrect; to refute it, one can simply look up the gold and silver lease rates, as we detail in Bullion Bank Silver and Gold Leasing.

If you save in terms of gold and silver coins, there are many businesses and individuals who would gladly trade goods or services you want, in exchange for some savings of their own. The propensity of this opportunity will grow immensely as more and more people become aware of the imminent collapse of our existing monetary system and the protection offered by real money, gold and silver. Being pre-positioned today will serve great benefit in the future.

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