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Another Ex-Fed Governor Admits “Only So Much Fed Can Do”

from Zero Hedge

It seems the ability to admit defeat a lack of omnipotence comes with retirement from the Fed. The volume of truthiness from ex-Fed governors is growing and Mark Olson just provided a very succinct summary of why he believes not only is the most recent jobs number not a surprise to the Fed, but the market has already priced in what the Fed could do. Olson sees the odds of QE3 as 50-50 at best, believes changes in the employment picture are rounding errors and not driving Fed decisions on a tick by tick basis, and most critically he notes that “the Fed doesn’t want to get into a position of is having to react because of the market anticipation.” No matter how much political pressure, the need to keep that QE powder dry for when the stuff really hits the fan seems more prescient and Olson provides color on the limits of Central Bankers as he notes the effect of Fed actions as “the only possible impact it would have would be psychological,” and that “they’ve provided all the stimulus you can do with monetary policy in the absence of anything happening with a better fiscal policy.”

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