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Actual Constitutional Case Against OMT and ESM; Why Bond Buying Undermines Democracy; Is Draghi Above The Law?

by Mike Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

A post on the the Fibs and Waves blog by “Blankfeind” outlines the actual legal case against the OMT. I believe the case is rock solid. How the German constitutional court rules in two days is another matter.

Please consider The ECB Thumbs Its Nose At The Law.

On September 6th, the ECB announced its Outright Monetary Transactions program, known as OMT. Justified as a means for the ECB to repair monetary policy transmission and to recreate the singleness of monetary policy for the euro area, the OMT offers an unlimited commitment by the ECB to purchase short-term (one to three year) sovereign debt in the secondary markets for sovereigns who agree to certain conditions.

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