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Technician Tom McClellan: Stocks Should Rally Next Two Months and Top in November

Also, Jim’s Big Picture: “Fast and Furious,” Ryan Puplava with the Market Wrap-up and Jim with the Fixed Income Report

from Financial Sense

Jim is pleased to welcome famed technician Tom McClellan to the program this week. Tom sees the stock market bottoming in late August, then rallying strongly until November, when he expects it to top, no matter who wins the presidency. Tom also sees rising interest rates and a major bear market in bonds in the near future. In this week’s first Big Picture segment, “Fast and Furious,” Jim discusses the chances of an explosive rally in the stock market this fall. Ryan Puplava also has this week’s Market Wrap-up, and Jim steps in for Rob with this week’s Fixed Income Report.

Ryan Puplava joined PFS Group in 1995. He is Senior Trading Manager and works closely with Jim Puplava on PFS Group’s Growth investment objective. He also contributes a monthly Market Observation to Financial Sense and co-authors In the Know—a weekly communication for Jim Puplava’s clients only—with other members of the trading staff.

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