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Official Manipulation

by ‘Ranting’ Andy Hoffman
Miles Franklin

On last week’s round table podcast with Elijah Johnson of Unconventional Finance, Bix Weir made a comment regarding how overt market manipulations have become. And not just the blatancy of stock, bond, currency, and PM interventions – per the rote machinations I discuss EVERY DAY. I believe he used the term “official manipulation,” which gave me the idea for this RANT…

Four Part Round Table Podcast – Ranting Andy, Bill Murphy, and Bix Weir

It is public record that the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” is charged with supporting U.S. stocks; the Fed with purchasing Treasury bonds via “QE”, “OPERATION TWIST,” and “ZIRP”; and the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” with gold and currency intervention; not to mention, equivalent organizations in nearly ALL sovereign nations. However, even after the past four years’ market CHAOS – following Global Meltdown I – the investment world and MSM have largely kept their heads in the sand, pretending markets were freely-traded and hoping – for instance – that the “DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE’s” strong performance “signaled” good times ahead.

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