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Nine-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $3000 to Help Detroit

[Ed. Note: I wonder if this kid had a valid buiness permit, food safety training, an OHSA-compliant lemonade stand, and proper commerical zoning in order to conduct business? I’m surprised he didn’t get SWAT-teamed, and shut down.
1. Don’t laugh, I’m serious.
2. Very serious.
3. Shamefully serious.
4. No, really, I am.
5. I only wish it was a joke…]

by Nadine Bells
Yahoo! News

Last week, nine-year-old Joshua Smith, and his friend Dwayne Durant, 10, sold lemonade, fruit punch, water and popcorn near Smith’s Detroit home. They were hoping to raise $1,000 to help Detroit’s financial crisis.

“I heard the city was in crisis because the city is broke, and I was really upset,” Joshua told USA Today.

He distributed fliers in his neighbourhood that read:

“May you please help the City of Detroit. Please buy this popcorn and drinks. It’s not so expensive. I didn’t make it expensive so you would have to spend all your money. The money will help clean up trash on the ground and cut the grass in the parks.”

By the end of the week, Smith raised almost $3,400 to help the struggling city with a $200 million budget deficit.

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