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Nancy Grace Points the Way to Gold Confiscation?

by Anthony Wile
The Daily Bell

We received a YouTube video address from a friend of the Daily Bell, and the power elite meme popped right out.

At the end of this article, I’ll provide a video address, so you can see for yourself how Nancy Grace positions this particular analysis of “justice.”

We’ve written in the past about how gold and silver confiscation might take place if the price becomes intolerably high from the point of view of the power elites that want to remain in control of central banking and fiat money.

The chances are slim but the possibility remains. When we hear outrageous rhetoric like this, I think we should point it out.

Nancy Grace is generally worth commenting on once in a while because she is a prime purveyor of the system as it is. Like CNN itself (where she is based), Nancy Grace perceives a system that supports her commentary rather than one needing a corrective.

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