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James Turk’s Q&A with GoldMoney Followers

from Gold Money

James Turk

GoldMoney’s followers on Facebook and LinkedIn recently had the opportunity to submit their questions on the gold and silver markets to James Turk. Here are James’s responses to the thought-provoking queries he received.

1) John Garvens: Silver hasn’t done much recently. Why is this? And what are your thoughts for its future?

James Turk: Silver does not appear to have done much recently because its price has been in a sideways trading range for 3 months. But the markets are always telling us something, even when prices go sideways. In the case of silver, the market is telling us that a big base is being built. Bases like these usually result in big rallies, which is what I am expecting for silver. It is subtle, but the rally I believe has already begun. The low in silver was $26.12 on June 28. Silver has been in an uptrend since then.

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