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Hyperinflation and Kotlikoff’s Figures

by Gary North, Tea Party Economist

Hyperinflation is always a possibility for any national government or central bank. If a national government is running massive deficits, it can call upon the central bank to buy treasury bills or treasury bonds with newly created money. This digital money is transferred to the treasury, which then spends the money into circulation.

There have been cases of hyperinflation in the past which have become legendary. The most famous of all of these hyperinflations is Germany from 1921 through 1923. Simultaneously with that hyperinflation was a hyperinflation in Austria. These were not the worst cases of hyperinflation in history, but they were the worst cases in industrial societies. The worst case was Hungary for two years immediately after World War II. The second worst case took place a few years ago in Zimbabwe. Both were agricultural nations.

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