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Hey Silver Bugs! Be Cool, Honey Bunny

by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul
Beacon Equity

s silver stackers await Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke speech at Jackson Hole, the German high court ruling on the constitutionality of funding the ESF, the Sept. FOMC meeting, the likely invasion of Syria, and this year’s expected October surprise, it may be time for a little advice, especially to newcomers of the silver market.

What ever happens to the price of silver in the coming months, just be cool, Honey Bunny.

The day will come when silver stackers witness what happens to the plans of evil men, who arrogantly attempt to steal from the righteous, wage war in their name, and even rob their small-town restaurants.

And that day will come when the righteous live to bask in the glory of the great silver liberation and seek vengeance on said small-restaurant robbers. So, whatever happens from now until the November election, be cool, Honey Bunny, be cool.

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