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Goodbye, V-8s, the Engines That Could

This time, probably for good. And now even V-6s are in trouble.

by Eric Peters

V-8s are on the way out — again.

The first mass extinction occurred circa late 1970s/early ’80s, as a result of the first round of the government fuel economy edicts known by the acronym, CAFE — or Corporate Average Fuel Economy. CAFE mandated that cars (but not trucks) achieve an average of at least 22.5 MPG or else the automakers who continued to build such wastrels would be hit with “gas guzzler” fines, which they in turn would pass on to the consumer. This made the formerly commonplace full-frame, rear-drive (and V-8 powered) family car economically impossible — at least, given the technology of the late ’70s era.

So, they — mostly — disappeared.

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