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FOX19’s “Reality Check” To Follow Up on CO Shooting / Questions the MSM Ignores

from Sheilaaliens I kind of adore his swipes at the MSM, even though his segment is technically on a MSM station, the worst of them all in fact (according to many, anyway)… but thats whats funny about local news vs. national news broadcasts. Find some funny gems sometimes. I hope he tears into them more than that tho!! ah well. I will be keeping an eye on his show fer sher 😛

Reality Check with Ben Swann from WXiX (FOX19) Ohio:…

The real title to this particular segment was “Reality Check: Does Ice T Have A Better Grasp of the Second Amendment Than Most Journalists?”

They’ll have more on the CO shooting mysteries in the “coming weeks” he said, so… I’ll be checkin up on them to see if they keep their word, mm-hmm. No, not because we need them as a source of info, heck they are way behind us as it is, internet info just faster it’s a fact – I’m just more interested to see if they will actually keep pressing the issues … seeing as how they are an official FOX new station, its just sort of interesting to watch unfold. I’ll keep y’all updated on our little hatchlings 😛

Video source:…

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