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Eric Sprott Cautions Investors to Fear the Financial System

by JT Long
The Gold Report

The dire economic situation that persists globally despite the best efforts of central planners to make things seem normal leads Sprott Inc.’s legendary Chairman Eric Sprott to broadcast a loud message of caution: “Fear the financial system.” In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Sprott says it’s time for people to take matters into their own hands and that means pushing further and further into precious metals equities as well as physical gold and silver. With 80% of his own portfolio in that arena, he certainly puts his money where his mouth is.

The Gold Report: You’ve stated before that the price of gold should be above $3,200/ounce (oz) and the price of silver above $200/oz but market manipulation keeps both metals artificially low. Who is manipulating it?

Eric Sprott: I suspect the G6 central banks have a hand in subverting the gold price because as the canary in the coal mine, high gold prices might tip everyone off to the severity of the ongoing financial crisis. I don’t think anyone can doubt that we’re in the middle of a financial crisis, primarily in the banking system, when month after month one program after another is rolled out to save somebody, whether it’s Long-Term Refinancing Operations (LTROs), quantitative easings (QEs), bank bailouts in Spain or rollovers of debt in Greece.

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