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Default America: Entitlement Albatross

from ziocody

#defaultamerica @ziocody

Entitlement Albatross

“In debt beyond our ability to pay”

I need a professional to finish this documentary. This on camera presence or “talent” as we say in the industry wouldn’t narrate, rather appear and address the camera in smaller demonstrative ways throughout the piece. I have two names in mind, both are famous and somewhat aligned with libertarian or Hayekian thinking. I am open to expand this short list as I may get NOs from both. Please add your suggestions in the comment section as I am getting closer to pitching this documentary.

Dr. Ron Paul
Texas Congressman & Chairman of Domestic Monetary Policy

Peter Schiff President and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Author of Crash Proof, Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets and How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes

Elizabeth Rankin, Ph.D. – Professor of Economics, Centenary College

Laurence Kotlikoff – William Fairfield Warren Professor of Economics, Boston University, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Fellow of the Econometric Society, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, President of Economic Security Planning, Inc and author of several books including Jimmy Stewart is Dead and Spend ‘Til the End. Kotlikoff identified the 211 trillion dollar shortfall which left unchecked will be added to the monetery base of about 1.5 trillion dollars. Imagnie prices under this stress, “haunt this country for decades”

Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
“foundation of lies”

David Howden is chair of the department of business and social sciences, and associate professor of economics at St. Louis University, at its Madrid Campus, and winner of the Mises Institute’s Douglas E. French Prize
[email protected]
Ph.D. (Economics, cum laude), Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain M.A. (Economics), Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain BBA (Finance, honors), Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Canada

I’ll be posting the shocking effects of hyperinflation in my series Default America. Please subscribe and share. Thank you. Oh, and if you want to hear from @dambisamoyo Dr. Dambisa Moyo, contact her through her website and encourage her to do an interview with me. Schiff mentions failed pension programs but Dr. Moyo wrote extensively in her book “How the West Was Lost”. She lays out America’s four possible outcomes which include default.…

Social Security Administration Explains Plan to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets

SSA posted a “Request for Quote for Ammunition” on the website on Aug. 7. The request listed the commodity that SSA desired as “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.” The quantity listed was “174 TH.”

“Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately,” the blog post states. “They not only investigate allegations of Social Security fraud, but they also are called to respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees, and customers.”

Unfortunately I acknowledge two flash frames that were not noticed prior to uploading. those flash frames are at 4:41 and 4:58

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