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Asian Eruption

by ‘Ranting’ Andy Hoffman
Miles Franklin

For years, I have noted how roughly 99% of ALL gold price increases occur in the early hours of New York COMEX PAPER trading; a comedy, tragedy, and farce wrapped up in one, care of a Cartel that aims NOT to push prices down – that CANNOT be done – but to control the pace of the bull market, preventing significant momentum from building at any given time.

Given that no more than 30% of PHYSICAL gold demand emanates from the Western Hemisphere – including just FIVE PERCENT from the U.S., and EIGHT PERCENT from Europe – it is unconscionable that CRIMINAL PAPER exchanges in London and New York “set the price” on a daily basis. As you can see by the chart below from Dmitri Speck – the single most condemning “manipulation proof” available, gold is nearly ALWAYS hit after the London PM Fix at 10:00 AM EST, and net net, is DOWN in New York trading hours over the course of a 12-year bull market, in which it has appreciated sevenfold

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