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Are You Sure, Cameroonians?

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Remember when the Olympics, held in a western country, would be deluged with defections? The defectors would almost always be from communist countries… the Soviet Union, East Germany, China. But, with communism having collapsed and all those countries now being the home to some of the best economies on Earth that has all changed.

This year, with the Olympics being held in one of the worst surveillance states on Earth there weren’t many defectors. This year it was just seven members of the Cameroon delegation, three from Sudan and one from Ethiopia… all African countries.

Ignoring for the moment that they list these people who want to be free-er (or at least think they will be) with mugshots as though they are criminals for wanting to go elsewhere – how dare tax slaves try to switch tax farms! – a quick look at the governments in the three defecting countries show that they are democratic in name but actually dictatorial, very centrally controlled and strong handed. In each case the government steals massive amounts of the country’s wealth each year.

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