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Ann Barnhardt – Godless Existence Is The Cause Of The Economic Collapse

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Ann Barnhardt was living her dream. She had a successul commodities firm, helping farmers across the US and Canada to hedge their crop risks. Then MF Global blew up and Ann realized that no matter how carefully she invested her clients’ money, it could always be stolen right out from underneath them. Therefore, in good conscience she couldn’t continue the business, so she liquidated the assets and paid off her clients in full, so that they would never have to suffer an MF Global meltdown. She has mixed thoughts about it to this day, but she’s absolutely certain she did the morally correct act. And while Ann’s business ethics are very much intertwined with her religious beliefs, she’s decided that she cannot liver her life any other way. And we have to admit, there’s something nice about being able to sleep at night, regardless what your religious beliefs may be.

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7 comments to Ann Barnhardt – Godless Existence Is The Cause Of The Economic Collapse

  • Militant Catholic

    Great audio! I would like to see more emphasis on fixing the current mess rather than the resignation that we can’t do anything about it and have to wait for a massive punishment. Sure, we deserve a horrific punishment from God for basically spitting in His face these last sixty years, but what about prayer? What about those nations in the Old Testament who knew they screwed up and then put on sackcloth and ashes and turned to prayer? Why is this never mentioned?

  • david 2

    Typical Christian thinking to take the blame as though it is our fault for not praying enough and therefore that is why we are in the shit we are in.

    Absolute nonsense.

    The scum that rob mankind or should I say kindman are evil, calculating, controlling, conflict causing, demoralizing, by impoverishing nations and decent folk all to enrich themselves.

    Lack of our faith is not the cause of corruption rather our placing faith in the spawns of the occult fawning zionist elite that control the four branches of Government and the issue of money with usury could care nothing for our faith or the trust we have allowed their system.

    Time for some skepticism and not fall for the fear of being called a conspiracy theorist. Be your own effective thought process, a healthy skeptic and question without fear of being called anti semitic, anti christ or anti establishment etc. etc.

    The occult elite tools to all power are Control, Conflict and Conspiracy so as far as possible opt out of their system and be a freeman ready to defend your freedom.

  • dishesdealer417

    While Ann Barnhardt has a lot of spot on commentary when it comes to financial matters, she has no credibility with me about their cause and she is in fact a religious nutjob. Prayer isn’t going to help, but hey, she can pray all she wants in fact she probably never stopped and look where we are anyway. The problem with people like her is they believe that the REST of us are the problem and if only she can FORCE us to pray (her way of course, anything else would be of the devil or some idiocy) then the problem would go away.


    “dish-trash” Who do you have credibility with? Who are you to call someone a “nutjob”? Who are you to say “prayer isn’t going to help”? People like “you”
    are the problem! Now go to the closet and give me 3 Our Fathers and 23 Hail Marys and sin no more! I forgive you, go in peace!

  • lhuisenga

    If you are going to make a moral judgement on Ann then are you not pushing your values on us? Seems to be a battle of gods. She has hers and you are yours. I prefer hers.

  • Scott Cole

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. While one may not agree with Ann regarding her religious beliefs, most of the dialogue in the “survival” space puts man at the center of the universe, and that leads us to where we are today. I agree with Ann and found it refreshing to here this “God first” perspective. Thanks again Kerry for all you do!