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Ancient Rome had Nothing on Modern Day America

by Dan Norcini
Trader Dan Norcini

Historians have chronicled the decline of the Roman Empire detailing in great extent the internal rot and moral decadence that helped speed its eventual fall. The lack of ethics and virtue was bemoaned even in those days by some of its leading philosophers/statemen.

I find it therefore rather disconcerting to see the the eerie parallels between the symptoms of rot and decay prevalent in Rome before it fell and the current US financial system, which has become a cesspool/stinking outhouse in terms of any vestige of decency and integrity.

Witness the case of one Jon Corzine, which if there was any semblance of justice and virtue left in the current administration’s Justice department, would have swiftly be sent to prison where he could play “drop the bar of soap” with his fellow inmates.

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