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Who is on the Wrong Side of History?

by Anthony Wile
The Daily Bell

Because of the Internet’s success, numerous attempts have been made to weaken it and make it less of a problem for the power elite that it is inconveniencing and exposing.

We call the process the Internet Reformation and we’re creating a society to formalize support for a free and open Internet among other things. The Internet itself is only one part of a larger inevitable freedom movement that has been stimulated by the Internet Reformation – just as the Reformation itself eventually shifted the parameters of power and authority throughout Europe.

This is surely what the power elite fears today, even though many on the Internet writing for the alternative media maintain that the top elites are implacable and even all-powerful in certain ways.

Our position has never been that this is the case. For a decade now we’ve been spreading the word about how the Internet and the information it offers will continue to change the power equation between those want to run the world and those who are their targets (us).

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