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Trace Mayer – BitCoin The People’s New World Currency

from FinancialSurvivalNet

We literally bumped into Trace Mayer of and He made it to Vegas for Freedom Fest. We discussed a very interesting new phenomena that may possibly become the new gold standard of currencies, BitCoin. This is an open source currency that is extremely flexible, resistant to inflation and completely anonymous. It is a store of wealth and a medium of exchange and its popularity appears to be rapidly increasing. We had heard of it before, but dismissed it as a noble effort to help people escape the tyranny of central banks. But it has continued on and increased in value from 5 cents per BitCoin to $7.70 in just a few short years. And its acceptance appears to be increasing as well. It’s spreading worldwide, with more and more merchants accepting it as payment, at a variety of locations. We’re going to investigate the BitCoin phenomena further and report back.

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1 comment to Trace Mayer – BitCoin The People’s New World Currency

  • S

    Before you can say something like that, you need to clearly understand how Bitcoin works and why other see it as valuable piece of technology which won’t be affected by replica-clone-coins unless something better then Bitcoin comes up. Overall the more competitive chains we have the better chances of finding ideal digital solution of storing and exchanging value. So far, Bitcoin is the best we’ve got and it’s pretty elegantly brilliant in most part.