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This Is What 670 Million People Without Power Look Like: Pictures From A Blacked Out India

from Zero Hedge

First thing today we reported that India just suffered what may have been the biggest blackout in history, after half of the country’s population of 1.2 billion, or just under 700 million was without power, as the electric grid of more than a dozen states suffered an epic collapse. Below we shares some pictures courtesy of Times of India giving some sense of what it means for two Americas worth of people to live without electricity indefinitely. Of note: the calm, peace and order despite the epic traffic jams and crowds. One wonders what would happen in the US if the entire country was without electrcity for even just one hour. Finally, one wonders what the impact to the Indian, Asian, and Global economy will be as a result of the complete halt that at least half of India – one of the world’s core marginal economies – has ground to do.

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