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Spanish civil servants protest against cuts

Spanish civil servants took to the streets on Friday to protest against austerity measures as Spain’s cabinet rubber-stamped tax rises and spending cuts.

by Rachel Cooper, and agencies

Workers blocked streets and railways in Madrid on Friday in protests against sweeping cuts, as the Spanish government outlined details of its €65bn austerity programme.

More than 100 civil servants gathered outside the presidential palace, whistling and booing, as prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s ministers convened to rubber-stamp new tax rises and spending cuts.

After a weekly cabinet meeting, the government gave details of the €65bn austerity package which Mr Rajoy announced on Wednesday.

Ministers approved an overhaul of city and regional governments, wage cuts for public workers and cuts in unemployment benefits. They said they would also pass this month a reform of the energy sector and laws to liberalise the rail, road and air transport sectors.

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