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Real Mogambo Laugh (RML)

by Richard Daughty

I always get a Real Mogambo Laugh (RML), the one famous for dripping with scorn and disrespect, when someone, like Ben “Mental Case” Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, says that inflation is good because it makes your fixed debts less burdensome.

Of course, a classic Real Mogambo Laugh (RML) contains a lot of coughing and gagging and spitting up as a result of laughing while being so angry at such stunning, senseless stupidity, so I recommend that you NOT be sitting at your computer at the time, since you will get flecks of what appears to be blood-tinged spittle all over everything, making a big mess.

And if you are also eating a burrito, too, then it’s an even bigger mess, making the whole “inflation thing” a LOT more unpleasant. Trust me. Ugh.

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