Ranting Andy Hoffman – The Fed Is Losing Control of Its Children

from FinancialSurvivalNet

“Ranting” Andy returns with another Monday Rant. Andy says it’s quite obvious the elites are losing control. While they may be able to keep the price of gold suppressed a little while longer, their ability to control the events taking place in Italy, Spain, Greece and the rest of Europe is clearly diminishing, to the point of outright chaos. Therefore, it is more important than ever that you be able to differentiate between reality and perception. The powers that be want you to believe there’s no difference between the two. But as thinking adults, we know this can’t be the truth. Otherwise, your children would be able to create their own reality and choose their own existence. There are very few things that are true and real these days, but at the top of that list are still gold and silver.

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2 comments to Ranting Andy Hoffman – The Fed Is Losing Control of Its Children

  • alaina

    Hey Andy? You always fail to mention that gold dropped for 21 years (1980 to 2001). Gold was a horrible asset to own for 21 years. Also, please quit trying to convince us that paper gold is different than physical. The price of paper & physical is exactly the same. The Fed controls paper gold. Therefore, they also control the price of physical. Where’s the big price difference between paper & physical?

  • steve

    People will discover the difference between price and value should Gold go into permanent backwardation. Its possible in this environment.
    Gold will not be available at any price in that case.