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Mogambo Sure-Fire Defensive-Posture Bunker (MSFDPB)

by Richard Daughty

But once awake, it seemed to me that it was strangely quiet. And before you ask, the answer is “Yes. It is TOO quiet,” which unfailingly means that something bad, usually something VERY bad, is just about to happen, like (as I learned from decades of watching TV) getting attacked with guns and/or arrows.

So, naturally, I instinctively ran to the periscope and quickly scanned the perimeter of the Mogambo Sure-Fire Defensive-Posture Bunker (MSFDPB), naturally expecting the worst. Flames. Riots. Mushroom clouds rising up in the distance. Flying saucers shooting rays at things that then explode. I dunno what. But something like that.

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