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Marty Fox – There’s Nothing Like Panning For Gold In Alaska

from FinancialSurvivalNet

Marty Fox, a regular listener to the show from Canada, recently took a cruise with his wife to Alaska. Marty’s been into metals and low debt for many years. He wanted to try his hand at being a gold seeker, the old fashioned way. And he hit pay dirt! While he’s not yet ready to retire, his enthusiasm has been stoked up by the experience. He also hit the jackpot several years ago when he sold his house near the market’s peak and invested the profits into real assets. We salute Marty and thank him for sharing his wonderful experiences with us.

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4 comments to Marty Fox – There’s Nothing Like Panning For Gold In Alaska

  • Eric

    I just got back from a cruise to AK also, and did the gold panning in Juneau also! I’m sure we went on different cruise lines, but what a small world

  • Lore

    I also went panning, but without success. The highlight of my cruise was “Liarsville,” an old supply station at the base of the Klondike trail. The dramatic performance by a troupe of actors there made the whole trip worthwhile — that and the Mad Dog Saloon in Skagway. I see the cruise lines are having a difficult time filling seats: I just received a brochure offering $469 from Holland America and expect others are comparable. If you haven’t done it, as a precious metals investor, you should have some fun.

    Thanks Kerry for all your work to educate and entertain. Your blog is the first place I visit.

  • Lore

    Sorry, that should read “RED Dog Saloon,” and it’s in JUNEAU.


    Their is a red onion in Skagway