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Caution Ahead of the Fed

by Dan Norcini
Trader Dan Norcini

With all the hype preceding this week’s Fed meeting, not to mention the usual circus atmosphere surrounding some potential action from the ECB, my advice to both gold and silver traders is to be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS. The market has worked itself into a tizzy in my view as it salivates at the further prospect of additional liquidity measures being undertaken by both Central Banks.

When markets are in this state of mind, you will end up either being a HERO or a ZERO. In other words, you are now in the precarious position of having your fate determined by the roll of the dice. If you get it right, and the Central Banks act when you expect them to, you will be a hero. If you get it wrong, and the Central Banks disappoint, you are dead meat. Frankly, that is not the way to be a long term survivor in these markets. Yes, you may hit it big and congratulate yourself but what happens if you miss???

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