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UN Agency Slams European Austerity Measures

A new report by the International Labor Organization has strongly criticized euro-crisis austerity measures. They have had “devastating consequences” for the job market, which could be entering a “new and more problematic phase” worldwide, the report warns.

from Spiegel International

Governments in many countries, particularly in Europe, have implemented radical reforms and austerity measures in an effort to combat the economic crisis. But this approach has “devastating consequences” on the job market, the International Labor Organization (ILO) warned on Monday.

Furthermore, these measures have not achieved the desired result of reduced deficits, the United Nations agency said. The “World of Work Report 2012” called the global employment situation “alarming,” and urged governments to recognize that job-centered policies have a positive effect on the economy.

“The austerity and regulation strategy was expected to lead to more growth, which is not happening,” director of the ILO’s Institute for International Labor Studies, Raymond Torres, told the press in Geneva. “The strategy of austerity actually has been counterproductive from the point of view of its very objective of supporting confidence and supporting the reduction of budget deficits.”

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