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How to Avoid a Soviet-Style Grocery Store

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

Let’s face it– our modern consumer society makes things easy… we don’t have to think about, or even know how to ‘do’ ANYTHING, from lawn care to vehicle maintenance to carpentry.

While it may be convenient, this level of specialization does breed a certain amount of dependency… and nowhere is this more obvious than in the ‘Big Ag’ food system.

Most people are completely dependent on a small handful of companies–Monsanto, ADM, etc. which control most of the food supply and deliver it to grocery shelves around the world.

You could almost say it’s a centrally-planned food system, which, like a centrally-planned government, is prone to failure. This is one of the chief reasons why we purchased the farm in Chile… to be able to take back control of our own food supply and no longer be reliant on the system.

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