Ross Hansen – The Man From The Mint Is Following The Yellow Brick Road

from Financial Survival Network Ross Hansen heads up the largest privately owned mint in North America. Last… [more]

Ross Hansen – The Man From The Mint Is Following The Yellow Brick Road Ross Hansen - The Man From The Mint Is Following The Yellow Brick Road

Bill Holter – Report on Greenspan’s Legacy Tour

from Financial Survival Network Bill Holter of Miles Franklin was fortunate to be at the New Orleans… [more]

Bill Holter – Report on Greenspan’s Legacy Tour Bill Holter - Report on Greenspan's Legacy Tour

Carter Andress – Contractor Combatant

from Financial Survival Network After Carter Andress had a stint in the military, he was ready for… [more]

Carter Andress – Contractor Combatant Carter Andress - Contractor Combatant

Dennis Miller – Keep Paying Those Premiums… You’ll Be Cashing In Soon

from Financial Survival Network We caught up with Dennis Miller today. It's been 9 years since… [more]

Dennis Miller – Keep Paying Those Premiums… You’ll Be Cashing In Soon Dennis Miller - Keep Paying Those Premiums... You'll Be Cashing In Soon

Steve Lord – Bitcoin Bubble: Not So Fast!

from Financial Survival Network Steve Lord is editor-in-chief of the Modern Money Letter. Bitcoin… [more]

Steve Lord – Bitcoin Bubble: Not So Fast! Steve Lord - Bitcoin Bubble: Not So Fast!

Eric Hadik – We Are at The End of a 40 Year Cycle

from Financial Survival Network Eric S. Hadik is a trader & analyst who has been intimately involved… [more]

Eric Hadik – We Are at The End of a 40 Year Cycle Eric Hadik - We Are at The End of a 40 Year Cycle

Reid Rasmussen – Fighting The High Cost of Healthcare

from Financial Survival Network Reid Rasmussen is about helping small businesses and individuals… [more]

Reid Rasmussen – Fighting The High Cost of Healthcare Reid Rasmussen - Fighting The High Cost of Healthcare

Ross Hansen – The Man From The Mint Is Following The Yellow Brick Road

from Financial Survival Network

Ross Hansen heads up the largest privately owned mint in North America.

Last year business was down, but he’s unconcerned and undeterred. While most of the populace buys into the meme that prosperity is just around the corner, Ross looks at hard data like the labor participation rate and sees another story, a country in decline.

In the end, a debased currency means gold is the place to be. And you take that to the mint!

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Bill Holter – Report on Greenspan’s Legacy Tour

from Financial Survival Network

Bill Holter of Miles Franklin was fortunate to be at the New Orleans Money Show where he got to hear the Maestro former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan speak.

Of course the economic crisis that we find ourselves in now wasn’t his fault at all. Blame Congress, Fannie and Freddie, but not Alan. He also reported on a debate between GATA’s Chris Powell and Doug Casey about precious metals manipulation. Doug believes there isn’t any.

Gambling’s going in Las Vegas, we’re shocked!

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Only a Pawn in Their Game

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Silver Coin Investor

[...] And the greatest depression goes on, far from reckoning, unbeknown to the mainstream. Collectively, no one is paying attention, and yet dying a little faster everyday. A chronic illness, we adapt to the malaise. Even when we try, it is hard to break free from the fantastic circus.

The conventional view of a depression hinges upon images from the 1930’s. Black and white snapshots left over from a point in time that has been largely forgotten or worse, rewritten.

Rewritten by the victors – the banks, and the political -finance industrial complex they enable — more so at this time than any other in history.

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The Experiment that Will Blow Up the World

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

The BoJ Goes Even Crazier

It has been clear for a while now that the lunatics are running the asylum in Japan, so perhaps one shouldn’t be too surprised by what happened overnight. Bloomberg informs us that “Kuroda Jolts Markets With Assault on Deflation Mindset”.

The policy hasn’t worked so far, in fact, it demonstrably hasn’t worked in Japan in a quarter of a century. Therefore, according to the Keynesian mindset, we need more of it. Mr. Kuroda therefore delivered a surprise spiking of the punchbowl that immediately impoverished Japan’s consumers further by causing a sharp decline in the yen:

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It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”

by Mac Slavo

We often hear government officials and mainstream financial pundits throwing around numbers like a billion or trillion. To most Americans these numbers are indiscernible. They are so incredibly enormous that we can’t even imagine what one billion dollars actually looks like, let alone what it takes to generate such capital. And a trillion, or better yet, the $17.9 Trillion that is our national debt? Forget about it! That’s so much money that we’re talking piles of cash the size of skyscrapers.

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Patrick Barron: The End of the US Dollar Imperium, Part 2

by Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist and Patrick Barron continue their discussion on monetary imperialism. They delve deeper into US dollar supremacy, and how it might end with a whimper instead of a bang; how the Bundesbank is a potential savior for the world monetary order, while the IMF is a paper tiger; how elites will have an increasingly hard time denying gold a role in the global monetary system, and how America’s fiat dollar corrupts cultures as well as economies.

Patrick Barron is a private consultant in the banking industry. He teaches in the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and teaches Austrian economics at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, where he lives with his wife of 40 years.

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Kamikaze Attack and the End of Mining

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

The trials of Job indeed!

To that end, I do not recall taking a day off from writing in the past two years – and given the horrific immolation the world’s Central banks are foisting on the world’s population, I don’t anticipate slowing down any time soon. Following the past two days’ violent, post-FOMC precious metals attacks, my principal thought is not if, but when this “Cartel Suicide” yields an utter explosion of global physical buying. That is above and beyond this year’s current pace of equaling last year’s record level – inevitably, catalyzing dramatic product shortages (especially silver), as we experienced in 2008, 2011 and 2013.

As I wrote in yesterday’s “BS to the Nth power,” Wednesday’s FOMC statement – in pretending to be “bullish” about the labor market outlook – was not just “misleading” and “disingenuine” but a flat out lie, ahead of Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

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The Coca-Cola Buyout? – Weekly Market Wrap Up

from CrushTheStreet

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Billionaire Sprott’s Terrifying Warning As Gold & Silver Smashed

from King World News

As the gold and silver smash continues for a second day, billionaire Eric Sprott warned King World News that central planners are in the final death throes of trying to keep things together. Below is what Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, had to say in Part I of a remarkable series of interviews that will be released today.

Eric King: “Eric, we are seeing a huge smash in gold and silver — your thoughts on what is unfolding.”

Sprott; “Well, Eric, we’ve seen this before. It’s interesting that we end QE3 and everybody thinks it’s the end for gold, but the next day Japan ups their QE, and yet gold gets smashed again….

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How YOU Can Help Pass the Swiss Gold Referendum

by Grant Williams
Daily Reckoning

[Ed. Note: Over the last few days, we've been featuring a series of essays by Grant Williams on the Swiss Gold Initiative. (In case you haven't yet, you can read the first two parts here: Part I and Part II.) Those who've been reading our email edition, first heard about it back in Sept. when Dr. Ron Paul graced our pages with his assessment. Then again when our resident currency maven Jim Rickards weighed in on the issue -- describing it as one of the "snowflakes" that could lead to a global financial collapse. Today, Mr. Willaims' explains just how likely it is the Swiss Gold Referendum will pass, and how you can influence the decision for yourself. Read on...]

Until now, the whole idea of the Swiss Gold Referendum has been written off as inconsequential and largely ignored by all but the most buggy of gold bugs. It was written off when Luzi Stamm announced it. It was written off when they needed to get 100,000 signatures; and, amazingly, it was ignored even once they HAD reached the magic number; but recently a number of things have happened which are making some serious waves and causing considerable unease amongst the Swiss banking establishment.

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Nikkei Futures Up Limit, Yen Collapses, Dollar Up, Gold Down as BoJ Pledges “Unwavering Determination” to Get 2% Inflation

by Mike “Mish” Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

“Whatever it Takes” Japanese Style

It’s a world truly gone mad.

In a surprise move today, the Bank of Japan announced further quantitative easing, dominated by long-term Japanese government bonds. The BoJ also announced it and would triple annual purchases of exchange traded funds and property investment trusts.

BoJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda defied objections from four fellow board members, arguing that a tax-hit economy and a lower oil price have led to “a critical moment” in the country’s bid to escape from deflation.

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‘Dangerous Precedent’ – Ray McGovern on Excessive Police Force

from RT

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“The Most Important Chart For Investors” Flashback, And Why USDJPY 120 Is Now Coming Fast

from Zero Hedge

Back in late September, we posted what Albert Edwards thought at the time was “The Most Important Chart For Investors” which was quite simply, a chart of the USDJPY. Here is the punchline of what he said:

We have long believed that investors ignore Japan at their peril. Time and time again, investors have missed major global market trends that have been catalysed by Japan. We have felt for some time that a fragile Chinese economy could be pushed over the edge by a further yen devaluation – in many ways a replay of the Asian crisis of 1997. And just as the Chinese real economy data has taken a turn for the worse in August, the yen has slipped below a key 15-year support level against the dollar. This is probably the most important chart investors should focus on. The next phase of global currency wars may have begun.

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The American Illusion of Prosperity

from FTMDaily

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Ray McGovern, CIA Analyst for 27 Years, is Arrested and Roughed Up in NYC for Trying to Protest Retired General Petraeus

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

The following post should serve as a serious red flag to all of you who currently mindlessly serve the state in some capacity. First off, here’s a little background on Ray MacGovern. His bio on Wikipedia starts off with:

Raymond McGovern (born August 25, 1939) is a retired CIA officer turned political activist. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. He received theIntelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, returning it in 2006 in protest at the CIA’s involvement in torture.

So here we have a decorated, lifetime government employee who served the U.S. power structure in a greater capacity than 99.9% of all those flag waving, “thank you for your service” phonies out there. Over time, Mr. McGovern recognized the evils of American empire and he became an activist. Ever since then, he has been harassed, abused and placed on watch-lists by the country he so diligently served.

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ECB Must Expand Balance Sheet by 1 Trillion Euros to Lift Inflation

from The Economic Times, Business

The European Central Bank will need to expand its balance sheet by around 1 trillion euros for a stimulus programme to be effective in boosting inflation, according to a Reuters poll, and it may be difficult to reach that target.

Some form of quantitative easing – buying asset-backed securities, corporate bonds or sovereign debt – is one of the last policy options the ECB has left to fight deflation risks and rekindle growth in the monetary union.

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QQE Is Clearly Destroying Japan, So BoJ Panics Into More

by Jeffrey P. Snider
Alhambra Partners

The precursor event of every hyperinflationary episode is not as conventional wisdom currently holds. Certainly there are conditions that are present in each and every one, including desperate fiscal imbalances that ultimately become expressed in growing monetarism, but the true cause that turns those troubling circumstances to total and complete wipeout and disaster is tunnel vision.

That was what happened in Germany in 1921, as the Reichsbank under Rudolf Havenstein completely misdiagnosed the economic deficiency of Germany at that point. Havenstein and his fellow policymakers were ardent supporters of “the German school”, who traced much of their views on “money” from, among others, Georg Friedrich Knapp and chartalism. Reading Knapp’s The State Theory of Money, published in 1895, today would seem as if it were a current chapter in the conventional textbook.

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