John Tamny – Rubio’s Tax Plan is a Total Failure

from Financial Survival Network John Tamny is editor of RealClearMarkets, Political Economy editor… [more]

John Tamny – Rubio’s Tax Plan is a Total Failure John Tamny - Rubio's Tax Plan is a Total Failure

Kelsey Butler – Can Atlantic City Come Back?

from Financial Survival Network With us today is a new guest... Kelsey Butler, Senior Reporter at… [more]

Kelsey Butler – Can Atlantic City Come Back? Kelsey Butler - Can Atlantic City Come Back?

Andrew Hoffman – The Liar of the Day is the Gold Cartel

from Financial Survival Network Whatever It Takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman: Today's article… [more]

Andrew Hoffman – The Liar of the Day is the Gold Cartel Andrew Hoffman - The Liar of the Day is the Gold Cartel

Exclusive Money Making Tip on HOA Foreclosures and 2nd Mortgages (Episode 23)

from Mike Gazzola’s Real Estate Investing That Works Mike and I have studied thousands of foreclosure… [more]

Exclusive Money Making Tip on HOA Foreclosures and 2nd Mortgages (Episode 23) Exclusive Money Making Tip on HOA Foreclosures and 2nd Mortgages (Episode 23)

Scott Gamm – Time to Get Your Fix of Financial Literacy

from Financial Survival Network MainStreet's Scott Gamm joins us today... Financial Literacy's Dark… [more]

Scott Gamm – Time to Get Your Fix of Financial Literacy Scott Gamm - Time to Get Your Fix of Financial Literacy

Mark Podolsky – TheLandGeek Speaks

from Financial Survival Network Mark Podolsky describes himself as a “corporate refugee” and middle… [more]

Mark Podolsky – TheLandGeek Speaks Mark Podolsky - TheLandGeek Speaks

John Rubino – Currency Wars Shifting Into High Gear?

from Financial Survival Network After earning a Finance MBA from New York University, John Rubino… [more]

John Rubino – Currency Wars Shifting Into High Gear? John Rubino - Currency Wars Shifting Into High Gear?

Patrick Crow – Introducing Military Grade Identity Theft Protection

from Financial Survival Network

Patrick Crow is COO of, and a leading expert on identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

He served the country in military intelligence for many years. After 9-11, it became essential for the government to authenticate and establish the identity of those serving in the military and government.

You can follow Patrick, here.

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Training with Mike Has Never Been More Cost Effective (Episode 21)

from Mike Gazzola’s Real Estate Investing That Works

There’s a ton of real estate courses out there, but there’s nothing quite like training with Mike Gazzola. Mike has done hundreds of transactions and made millions of dollars. You’ll train with him for 6 months and you’ll learn how it’s done. Mike will be with you every step of the way. You’ll attend a live event and watch people buy property at an auction in real time. It’s an amazing experience that you don’t want to miss. Mike can actually prove every statement he’s made in every show. He’s got two large bound volumes that document every deal he’s ever made. They’re proof positive that you can do it too. So get started today and build your real estate fortune now.

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Battlefield America: The War on the American People

by John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

“A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.” — John Salter

We have entered into a particularly dismal chapter in the American narrative, one that shifts us from a swashbuckling tale of adventure into a bone-chilling horror story.

As I document in my new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, “we the people” have now come full circle, from being held captive by the British police state to being held captive by the American police state. In between, we have charted a course from revolutionaries fighting for our independence and a free people establishing a new nation to pioneers and explorers, braving the wilderness and expanding into new territories.

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Thanks For The Investment Advice, Mario!

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

I don’t much believe in investing money in the casino, but I did short the Euro awhile back. It was just about the time in 2012, when Mario Draghi was dispensing some quite pointed investment advice:

The ECB’s Mr. Draghi said in 2012 “there is no going back to the lira or the drachma or to any other currency. It is pointless to bet against the euro. It is pointless to go short on the euro.”

Thanks, Mario. That was a no brainer!

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Transports Offer Important Signal

by Dominick Graziano, Technical Analyst
Casey Research

Last week, I highlighted that the Average Directional Index (ADX) had just hit a level that usually precedes a big move in the S&P 500. Now the transports—a critical leading indicator for the broad market—may be cluing us in to what that move will be.

[...] The Dow Jones Transportation Average, the most widely recognized gauge of the US transportation sector, just fell below declining key moving averages for the first time since 2012.

After breaking out above 8,600 in October, the transports have tested this level eight times. Investors may not need to pack it up just yet, but a close below this level could indicate that the market is about to take a turn for the worse.

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Greek Mayors to Protest Government Decision to Seize Their Cash

by Nikos Chrysoloras, and Christos Ziotis, and Paul Tugwell

As Greece struggles to find cash to stay afloat, local authorities say they oppose a government decision to use their reserves for short-term financing.

“The government’s decision to seize our reserves not only raises legal and constitutional issues, but also a moral one,” said George Papanikolaou, mayor of Glyfada, the third-largest municipality in the metropolitan region of Attica after Athens and Piraeus. “We have a responsibility to serve our citizens,” Papanikolaou said by phone on Monday. Glyfada has about 16 million euros in cash reserves, he said.

Running out of other options, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ordered local governments and central government entities to move their cash balances to the central bank for investment in short-term state debt.

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Friday Never Happened – ”Because of China”?

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

Nonsensical Reasoning is Concocted to “Explain” Day-to-Day Market Moves

We were wondering what could have triggered today’s move in the stock market that so promptly negated Friday’s sell-off. On Friday traders were allegedly worried about a) Greece (what, only now?) and b) China – where it was decided to limit margin trading somewhat and expand stock lending for short sellers in a vain attempt to slow the expansion of the world’s latest and currently strongest stock market bubble.

Neither explanation made any sense. If investors were really worried about Greece, they would have been worrying non-stop since late December at a minimum. Instead European stocks ex-Greece have experienced a near parabolic blow-off move to the upside, pushing them to the highest trailing P/E in history.

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Turkey’s Long-Term Potential and Short-Term Problems

by James Rickards
Daily Reckoning

Editor’s Note: Jim Rickards has published a third book entitled “The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse.” It’s available exclusively for readers of his monthly investment letter called Strategic Intelligence. Before you read today’s essay, please click here to see why it’s the resource every investor should have if they’re concerned about the future of the dollar.]

I recently returned from Istanbul, Turkey. I had the opportunity to meet with a director of the central bank, along with stock exchange officials, regulators, major investors and one of Turkey’s wealthiest men, Ali Agaoglu, a flamboyant property developer known as “the Donald Trump of Turkey.”

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US Stock Markets Update – Getting Scarier by the Day…

by Clive Maund

The giant bearish Rising Wedge in the S&P500 index shown on its 8-year chart below is now closing up rapidly and looks set to force a breakdown soon. While an upside breakout is possible, it looks highly unlikely, for a variety of other reasons that we will look at shortly. The top line of this Wedge is certainly of importance as the index has retreated from it on several occasions. Note the non-confirmation of recent new highs by the Dow Jones Transports at the top of the chart.

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Greece to Seize Local Government Cash; Two Year Bond Yield Tops 28%

by Mike “Mish” Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

Greece to Seize Local Government Cash

Robbing Peter to pay Paul took another leap forward in Greece today as Tsipras to Seize Public-Sector Funds to Keep Greece Afloat.

Running out of options to keep his country afloat, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ordered local governments to move their funds to the central bank.

Central government entities are obliged to deposit their cash reserves and transfer their term deposit funds to their accounts at the Bank of Greece,” according to the decree issued Monday on a government website. The “regulation is submitted due to extremely urgent and unforeseen needs.

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Introducing Forbidden Bonds

Bonds are for suckers…

by Jimmy Mengel
Outsider Club

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to give me a 10-Year Treasury note each year for my birthday. It was both a generous and responsible gift to give a young rapscallion whose idea of saving was dumping loose change into a ceramic pig — only to spend it at the arcade that very weekend.

Now, as a hell-raising kid, I would have much preferred a slingshot, baseball cards, or some sort of loud, battery-powered toy to abuse my parents with…

I didn’t really appreciate the interest from these Treasury notes until they (and I) matured 10 years later. I cashed them in to help buy my first car which — thanks to Grandma — I was able to do in cash. I’d opine that most teenagers aren’t able to do that these days.

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Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Collapses: China-US Rates Hit Hard, China-Europe Rates Plunge to All-Time Low

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

First was the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks rates for transporting the major raw materials in bulk by sea. Reflecting the totally battered global commodities market, it crashed to an all-time low in February, though it has since edged up a tiny bit.

Now, containerized shipping rates are taking a majestic drubbing, and those from China to Europe have collapsed to all-time lows.

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Stunned Greeks React To Initial Capital Controls And The “Decree To Confiscate Reserves”, And They Are Not Happy

from Zero Hedge

Earlier today, following weeks of speculation, Greece finally launched the first shot across the bow of capital controls, when it decreed that due to an “extremely urgent and unforeseen need” (ironically the need was quite foreseen since about 2010, but that is a different story), it would be “obliged” to transfer – as in confiscate – “idle cash reserves” located across the country’s local governments (i.e., various cities and municipalities) to the Greek central bank.

Several hours later the decree which was posted in the government gazette has finally percolated among the population, and the response to what even ordinary Greeks realize is now the endgame, is less than exuberant.

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Central Banks to Keep Buying Gold – RBC

RBC weighs in on reserve buying and forecasts 2015 gold appetite by central banks.

by Kip Keen
Mine Web

The price of gold will keep getting support as central banks load up on more gold this year, RBC Capital Markets said in a report published Sunday.

RBC forecast appetite for gold by central banks, mostly in emerging markets, to hit 275 tonnes this year as compared to 409 tonnes last year.

That is historically very high.

“Overall, central banks have been net buyers of gold for 14 straight quarters to present, and the demand helped mitigate bullion’s losses in 2014,” RBC said. “We forecast the central bankers could purchase a further 275 tons in 2015, which compares to 409 tons in 2014, the 2nd largest increase in 50 years.”

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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Overreach, the Graveyard of Empires

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[...] The bucket shop has been fairly quiet, at least in terms of physical activity.

There were some ounces of gold claimed as ‘delivered’ last Friday as noted on the report below.

But other than that the warehouses remain quiet, with little gold flowing in or out, and silver being ‘pushed around the plate.’

Someone corrected me to day saying that the Comex was never intended as a physical market, but as ‘a means to manipulate prices.’

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